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Who is this course designed for?

  • Beginner and intermediate skill levels
  • Students who prefer learning at their own pace
  • Embroiderers who want to make money by creating their own designs
  • Businesses owners who require a resource to train their team 


Any Wilcom e4 product

  • Wilcom e4 Ordering
  • Wilcom e4 Lettering
  • Wilcom e4 Editing
  • Wilcom e4 Decorating
  • Wilcom e4 Designing

NOTE. Much of the information in these videos can be applied to older versions of the software.

What will I learn?

  • How to install the software and where to find help
  • Configuration and setup of the work space
  • Embroidery 101.  the essential software settings that you must understand
  • Commonly used tools
  • How to create embroidered lettering
  • How to edit existing designs
  • How to auto digitize new designs
  • How to manually digitize new designs

What will I get?

  • 12 month's access to the training course
  • Access to 38 Wilcom tutorial videos and counting
  • Brand new videos added each week until the course is complete
  • V.I.P access to the Wilcom Tutorials private Facebook group
  • Direct contact with the course presenter

Course curriculum



  • How to Install the Software
  • Finding Help

Initial Set-Up


  • Setting Up the Display
  • Hoop Settings
  • Thread Settings
  • Connector Settings
  • Auto Start and End
  • Worksheets and Approval Sheets

Essential Settings


  • Wilcom emb files vs Stitch Files
  • Different Stitch Types
  • Nodes, Reshaping Objects and Stitch Angles
  • Selecting Objects
  • Underlay
  • Pull Compensation
  • Stitch Density
  • Smart Corners
  • Stitch Shortening and Fractional Spacing

Commonly Used Tools


  • Auto Fabric Assistant
  • Importing Graphic and Embroidery Files
  • Grids Rulers and Guidelines
  • The Stitch Player
  • Trueview, Stitch View and Outline View
  • The Colour Object List and Sequence Toolbar
  • Aranging Objects



  • Selecting Fonts and Applying Baselines
  • Sequence Text
  • Kerning and Modifying Letter Shapes
  • Update Kerning Settings
  • Break Apart Lettering
  • Small Text



  • Digitizing Toolbars Overview
  • Graphics Digitizing Toolbar
  • Traditional Digitizing Toolbar
  • Complex Turning Tool
  • Auto Digitizing
  • Manual Digitizing Part 1
  • Digitizing for 3D Foam

Advanced Tools


  • Styles
  • Pathing and Branching

About Your Instructor

Dean Roscoe

Dean Roscoe

Wilcom Authorized Trainer

Dean has digitized for major brands such as Harley Davidson, Disney and Budweiser. He's trained companies of all sizes how to get the best from their embroidery software and now he offers this service to you.

E-Mail: info@wilcomsoftware.co.uk

Website: www.wilcomsoftware.co.uk 

Happy Students

"He shows you the easy ways and shortcuts to many of the every day tasks. I felt it was great value for money, if I was scoring it - 10/10 for me."
Geoff Hemmerman Director Mowbray Sports & Corporate Clothing Ltd
"Dean has a knack for explaining the concepts in a way that are easy to grasp. By the end of the day, I felt confident in editing, resizing and creating lettering and also in starting to digitize some simple designs."
Ben Turner Managing Director FRS Countrywear Ltd
This course was a very informative. I came away with a lot more knowledge than I had before. Dean was a very patient tutor who explained everything clearly and was open to all questions concerning the software.
Angie Production Manager, Worksafe Online

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Happy Students

"Had heard Dean was good, so decided to try. We learnt how to digitize designs and afterwards knew that if we were stuck we could always count on his support. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about embroidery techniques and also make more profit in their business. A great course"
Anne Taylor Director Director, PSU of Poynton Ltd
"The Wilcom Training is absolutely worth doing, Dean is great! He's very patient and teaches you in a way that you can totally understand and not get bogged under with too much 'Tech' talk. I came away feeling so much more confident about using the software and with a lot more knowledge from this great digitizer. Very highly recommended for any digitizer/embroiderer. Thank you Dean!"
Jodie Groves Owner Twisted Stitches
"Dean is great, his teaching is fun and clear and constructive. He's patient and gears his teaching to a pace which pushes us, but is not beyond our capabilities. Exactly what you need from a wonderful digitizer and instructor."
Louise Tucker Director Director, Salcombe Embroiderers Ltd